TNR Live: Dissecting the Language of Climate Change

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Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021
11:00 PM - 12:00 AM (UTC)

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Join our conversation with The New Republic deputy editor Heather Souvaine Horn on how the language we use to report on, write about, speak about, and debate climate change affects our sense of who’s responsible.


• Mary Annaïse Heglar—writer, teacher, and host of podcast Hot Take

• Brian Kahn—managing editor, Earther

• John Patrick Leary—professor and author of Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism

• Moderated by Heather Souvaine Horn, TNR deputy editor Apocalypse Soon

Mary Annaïse Heglar is a climate justice writer and co-founder and co-host of the Hot Take podcast and newsletter. Her essays have been published in Vox, The Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, and other outlets. She is newly based in New Orleans.

Heather Souvaine Horn is a deputy editor at The New Republic. She has previously held editing and writing positions at GlobalPost and The Atlantic, focusing on foreign affairs, politics, and culture.

Brian Kahn is an award-winning editor and writer who currently runs Earther and is a lecturer for Columbia’s MA in climate and society. He has covered the climate crisis for the better part of a decade, and his work has appeared in numerous outlets, including The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, and Grist. In previous lives, he led sleigh rides through a herd of 7,000 elk and gave boat tours on the deepest lake in the U.S.

John Patrick Leary holds a Ph.D. from NYU and is the author of A Cultural History of Underdevelopment: Latin America in the U.S. Imagination (UVA Press, 2016), Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism (Haymarket, 2018), and the forthcoming Keywords: The Language of Politics (Haymarket, 2021). He is a regular contributor to The New Republic.


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