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The way the world meets has changed. Virt is here to help. A new venture from Global Health Strategies (GHS), virt is a crowd-sourced guide to the world’s most meaningful virtual events. Virt curates a wide range of event listings and resources for people who attend and organize events. Through virt, you can:

Why virt?

Due to COVID-19, most important events went virtual in 2020. Events that were once restricted to those who could attend in person became accessible around the world.

One key example is the UN General Assembly (UNGA). For the past five years, GHS has published an annual guide to the hundreds of events held on the sidelines during UNGA. In 2020, UNGA Guide went fully virtual, listing more than 500 online events and welcoming 30,000 online visitors who may not otherwise have been able to attend.

Virtual events are here to stay and offer unprecedented opportunities for global access to information. Even after the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, virtual or partially virtually meetings will remain an integral part of life. Bill Gates has predicted that half of business travel and a third of days in the office may never return. Virt is part of this revolution.

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