Online Suicide Bereavement Conference: Practical Applications

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This year we are charging conference places at £50 per head. As a small service ourselves, we want to ensure that our conference remains as accessible as we can for as many people as possible. Our £50 charge offers value for money for quality expert speakers in the field of suicide prevention/postvention, allowing us to recuperate a small amount of the overall administration cost for the conference, to go back into our services.

Free Places

In addition, we are offering a small number of free places on a first come first served basis through sponsorship. To apply for a free conference place, please email us [email protected] and we will send you an application form. All applications will be considered by Harmless Management. Please note that all applications must be submitted to us no later than Friday 27th August 2021.

The theme of our conference is: Surviving a crisis: how to ensure we keep moving in the direction of effective application

Every Wednesday and Friday between 8th September – 29th September 2021, Harmless will be hosting a live online webinar session (10:00-11:00am) with an expert in the field of suicide bereavement. This unique, CPD-accredited conference will be held online over 7 short sessions to allow you to join in flexibly at however many sessions you’d like. The field of suicide bereavement is a particularly specialist area. When we start talking about suicide it can be surprising how many others have a story to tell. So many of us are impacted by suicide either through the tragic loss of a loved one, someone we once worked with, someone in our community, a patient, or someone very supportive. Everyone has a story. We are hosting our second online Suicide Bereavement conference to examine the practical application of working in the field of suicide bereavement, split over 7 live webinars during the month of World Suicide Prevention Day. The programme is designed to help those of us working with anyone impacted by suicide to improve our knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to suicide bereavement. Delegates can expect to take away from the conference a range of knowledge, inspiration and practical applications for the implementation in real-life personal and professional situations. Learning from some of the leaders in the field, delegates will have access to interactive sessions that can drive change in the field of suicide bereavement.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Sarah Bates- Executive Lead for SASP
  • Professor Rory O’Connor – University of Glasgow
  • Dr Alexandra Pitman- University College London
  • Charlotte Henson – Nottinghamshire Police
  • Dr Helen Garr– Deputy Director NHS Practitioner Health
  • Claire Dixon – Department Head for Let’s Talk Training
  • Leanne Moulton– Project Lead & Specialist Trainer for Let’s Talk Training


Harmless: The national service for self harm