Advancing Sustainability with AI, Distinguished Speaker Series: Aisha Walcott-Bryant

Hariri Institute for Computing, Boston University

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Monday, Feb 07, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC)

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Hariri Institute for Computing, Boston University




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The Hariri Institute's 4 Part Distinguished Speaker Series: Advancing Sustainability with AI

Co-Sponsored by: Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) at Boston University

Mission: Humanity faces the defining challenge of learning to prosper within the ecological limits of the planet. Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer powerful new tools that could open new paths for humanity to embrace sustainability. This series brings together leading thinkers at the intersection of sustainability and AI. Join us for their talks, and a panel discussion, on this critical and fascinating subject.

Monday, February 7th 11am – 12pm ET

  • Speaker: Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Senior Technical Staff Member and Research Manager, IBM Research Africa
  • Title: "AI’s Potential for Healthcare to Mobility in Africa”
  • Abstract: In this talk I will discuss how AI methods can be leveraged to support policy-makers with control of disease given the local context. Specifically I will give examples how our framework in Malaria control was adapted to support COVID-19 response. I will conclude with a highlight of early work done on Mobility and Transportation in developing cities. This work focuses on understanding the infrastructural and behavior variables that cause traffic congestion in developing cities.


Hariri Institute for Computing, Boston University