Launch of HEARING screening: considerations for recommendations - Morning Session

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Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021
6:00 AM - 7:30 AM (UTC)

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The first ever World report on hearing was launched in 2021, as a technical guide outlining the ongoing shifts in the global epidemiology of hearing loss, capturing available solutions and current challenges for ear and hearing care and also establishing priorities to be addressed. It highlights the link between addressing hearing loss and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  

The rational for hearing screening across the life course is well outlined in the report. The report shows that increasing hearing screening and early intervention coverage during the next 10 years requires an additional annual per capita investment of US$ 1.33. The resulting health gain during the 10-year period would avert nearly 130 million DALYs (disability adjusted life years), benefit 1.4 billion people and yield a return of nearly US$ 16 for each 1 dollar invested.  

The World report on hearing recommends that WHO Member States take urgent and evidence-based policy action to prevent, identify and rehabilitate hearing loss.  

To render technical support to the Member States in implementing the recommendation of the world report into, WHO has developed the HEARING screening: considerations for implementation. This handbook provides technical guidance required for establishing evidence-based programmes for hearing screening facilitating early identification and interventions to address hearing loss and related ear diseases in target groups. 

Purpose of the handbook is to provide guidance on how to undertake:

Hearing screening in newborns and infants  

School-based ear and hearing screening 

Hearing screening in older people 

WHO global launch  

WHO invites you to join us in the launch of the HEARING screening: considerations for recommendations. 


• Introduction to the handbook

• Implementing hearing screening in newborns and infants

• Implementing school-based ear and hearing screening

• Implementing hearing screening in older people

Discussion and experience sharing (partners are invited to join the discussion and share their ​experience and insights)

When: 15 September 2021, 0800-0930 CEST and 1700-1830 CEST (same session will be held twice to facilitate participation across all time zones)


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