How to Deal With Toxic People at Work

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Thursday, Jan 27, 2022
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC)

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Drawing on ten years of original research, join psychologist Tessa West for a guide to understanding and dealing with a universal problem: difficult colleagues.

Have you ever watched a colleague schmooze management while showing a Machiavellian side to the lower ranks? Has a co-worker consistently interrupted you or claimed your ideas as their own? Is your manager agonisingly overbearing?

Despite causing us daily stress at work, these characters don’t technically break any rules and so we’re expected to just put up with them. Until now.

Associate Professor of Psychology Tessa West has already helped thousands of people, from entry-level workers to leading executives, resolve their most pressing workplace issues.

In this livestream event, West will draw on a decade of original research to profile classic workplace archetypes, including: The Gaslighter, The Bulldozer, The Credit-Stealer, The Neglecter, and The Micromanager.

These are characters West knows well – not only from the struggles of her clients, but also from personal experience. As a rising leader in the world of academia, who has often been the only woman and youngest person in the room, she has a unique perspective on the jerks we face at work.

This is a talk for everyone who has cried in the office bathroom or bitten their tongue in a meeting: a provocative, revealing, and practical guide to getting difficult colleagues off your back, restoring your sanity, and achieving emotional wellbeing at work.


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