Global Risks and Global Governance: The 1945 UN Charter and Reform

University of Aberdeen

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Thursday, Jan 14, 2021
from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (UTC)

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Human Rights

The international community recently observed the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, against the backdrop of a once-in-a-century global pandemic and related economic crisis, as well as growing evidence of accelerating climate change and potentially catastrophic biodiversity loss, among other inter-linked challenges. Is the existing global governance system sufficient to tackle the current international problem set? Taking the recent publication Global Governance and the Emergence of Global Institutions for the 21st Century as a starting point, this talk will look at a series of international risks / challenges confronted by our current global governance architecture, possible enhancements of the latter, and the global policy shifts which might be necessary to grapple with our collective problems.

Maja Groff is an international lawyer based in The Hague. She has worked on the development and administration of multilateral treaties, at international criminal tribunals, taught at the Hague Academy of International Law and is currently a visiting scholar at Leiden University. A graduate of Harvard, Oxford, and McGill Universities, she has drafted a broad range of international legal policy documents and published on private and public international law, human rights, and global governance, co-winning a major international prize in 2018 on global governance innovation (New Shape Prize). She serves on the Advisory Boards of BCorp Europe and ebbf, organisations devoted to ethical business.

We look forward to welcoming you all on Thursday 14th January 2021 at 7pm GMT.


University of Aberdeen