Generation Equality: Intergenerational Dialogue Webinar Series 2021

Akili Dada

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Akili Dada





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Akili Dada is a leadership incubator anchored on the belief that African girls and young women CAN and DO and WILL LEAD. Our mission is to nurture transformative leadership in girls and young women from underserved and under-resourced backgrounds to meet the urgent need for more young African women in leadership.

In context to the Generation Equality Forum, Akili Dada is leveraging the Government of Kenya’s commitment at the ICPD 25 Summit as well as the governments’ subsequent commitment as a country lead on the Gender-Based Violence Action – Generation Equality Forum Action Coalition to call for the acceleration, implementation, and accountability by the government commitments to:

1. Enact favourable laws and policies that guarantee and protect the realization of girls’ and women’s rights.

2. Model and eliminate the discrimination of women and girls as exacerbated by harmful cultural practices and norms.

3. Champion multi-stakeholder support for strategies that will facilitate political and public buy-in for the elimination of gender-based violence.

Webinar 1:

• The status of gender Equality and GBV in Kenya

• The role of young women and girls in the acceleration, implementation, and accountability of the Generation Equality Forum Action Coalition commitments by the Kenyan government

• The function of intergenerational dialogues in realizing gender equality and eliminating GBV in Kenya

Webinar 2:

• The significance of Bodily Autonomy and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

• The role of young women and girls in facilitating access and delivery of comprehensive sexuality education in and out of school

• The actions required to influence gender norms change, increase knowledge of rights and empower girls and women to make autonomous decisions about their bodies, sexuality and reproduction

• How can young women collaborate with government to realize this commitment?


Akili Dada